Date: August 11th 2008

Stomp Tokyo

Hey kids -

» Maybe you didn't notice but we're still recording podcasts and blowing hot air about the latest genre movies and whatnot over on the Cult Movies Podcast. Sometimes we get bogged down in the blah-blah-blah about Blu-Ray this or AppleTV that, but it's all in the name of geekdom. If you've never listened to Scott and Chris hold forth about the dark heart of video, swing your web browser or iPod in the direction of

» We're still on sabbatical from the main reviews site but expecting to turn our attention back to the business of b-movies at the end of the year. In the meantime we're posting old classic reviews into the new format so be sure to tune in for some golden oldie goodness. First up: Dennis Quaid as a high-school rapist in Are You In The House Alone?

» Missing those reviews from Dr. Freex at the Bad Movie Report? Look no further than Attack of the 50 Foot DVD, where the good Doctor has been holding forth on recent DVD releases in his inimitable style. Read about Batman: Gotham Knight, Dragon Wars, and Cloverfield.

» And hey, what's this? The Unknown Movies is back? Check out reviews of Salvation and The Hunting Party from Greywizard!

» Last but certainly not least we have a heaping helping of blog entries from our various contributors, including Today in G-History, Inevitable Disasters, Blue Glow, and My God, It's Full of Nerds!

» Don't forget you can always email us at theguys at stomptokyo dot com.


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